Wendy S. Delmater (safewrite) wrote,
Wendy S. Delmater


Marriage: Brian and I continue to be very happy. I want to stress to those who were worried I just jumped into this, it's the best move I ever made. He's sweet and attentive and funny and handy and awesome.

Step Daughter/Move: Her drop dead date to get the rest of her things out is August 2, one year after she closed. We have company using the room August 15 on their way to FL for their son to go to college.

Son and new Wife: They were married a year ago January and their first child is due around the end of July. It's gonna be a girl. We made a trip to IKEA for baby things. Did I mention my daughter-in-law is a homeowner?

Garden: I will do an update later, but much of what we planted is maturing and the yields are immense. Recent additions were concord grapes, asparagus, and seedless blackberry canes.

Magazine: Being caught up on A&A is so awesome. My local daughter-in-law helps a lot.

Business: I got my credentialing and am putting off the launch for one year due to a lingering health issue. It's heart stuff slowing me down. They are working on it.
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