Wendy S. Delmater (safewrite) wrote,
Wendy S. Delmater

Spinning straw into gold

Stardate: December 2012. My husband, bcthies, got a call from a client whose legacy computer was down. A manufacturing operation would grind to a halt unless it was replaced within 24-48 hours. The client's IT department had thrown up their hands in exasperation: could Brian help with their Pentium 1? Upgrading to a modern machine would cost the company $40-50K in hardware and software licensing fees; plus, it would take several weeks.

When he sees older machines being thrown out Brian takes them home and fixes them: it's what he does to relax. He keeps working, tested legacy computers for all of his clients in our attic. He rescued the client within 8 hours, replacing their broken Pentium with a functioning one. Brian's employers are thrilled his does this, and charged the grateful client $1,000.

Brian's employer compensated him the wholesale price of the replacement machine: $483. He spent it on a 42-inch, high def,  high-contrast, LED flat-screen television. Sure, we did not actually get the TV until November of 2013 because it was held up in customs due to the "sequester," but we are really enjoying it. We could never have afforded it otherwise.

He hooked it up to our PC. We just spent an enjoyable evening watching YouTube videos of Sting, part of Simon and Garfunkel's concert in Central Park, and James Taylor and Carol King Live at the Troubadour (six minutes from the end they do a duet of "You've got a Friend" that knocked our socks off).

All because I married a man who can spin straw Pentiums into gold flat-screen TVs.
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