Wendy S. Delmater (safewrite) wrote,
Wendy S. Delmater

Well, it worked.

My staying off social media, and mostly offline,  for a month allowed a number of things.
* Work: My ethical disagreement with my ex boss meant I was effectively unable to work in my field, and no details but that's a shut door. I did some soul searching and decided to put the money I was going to spend on Worldcon on getting credentialed in a new field. (Being offline also kept me away from all the painful "I'm not there" online brouhaha about the Con and the Hugo Awards. Dammit,. I missed you all. Congrats to the winners, a week late.)
* Physical health: My blood pressure is much higher this year, and I made an appointment with a cardiologist to deal with this worst part of my genetic risk legacy.  Oh - and guess what? I found out why I am such a lousy typist and screw up dates for things. Dyslexia. *sigh*   I had to stop living at my old insane NY pace before things got quiet enough to see a pattern to the symptoms, and not jut blame it on sheer overworked exhaustion. http://www.dyslexia.com/library/adult-symptoms.htm  Dyslexics seem to be drawn to Engineering - who knew? My Brian and I had to divvy up our home responsibilities differently once we realized what was going on.
* Step-daughter's fixer-upper: On August 3 my step-daughter bought a house, "as is" from a bank and has to have it ready for both her mother (my husband's disabled ex wife has nowhere else to go) and a renter by Oct.1  It has not helped that the heat pump (A/C) was broken, there is a major leak in the slab that requires re-piping through the attic, it had carpenter ants, and more. Brian's been there most days after work and I've been helping him and painting. One last push and the nest will be empty. Who had time for social media or a con? My contributions to the rehabilitation are over, finally.

So today I caught up on the housework read back through LJ until I hit the Hugos. Tomorrow I read back a bit on Facebook, then work on A&A things. On Sept 12th I start back to school toward a Master Gardener title and a certificate in Landscape Design & Horticulture. Onward.
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