Wendy S. Delmater (safewrite) wrote,
Wendy S. Delmater

Southern Living: Numerical (and other odd) Place Names

Remember the speed trap I ran into in North, SC? Well I just ran across another odd name of a local town. Ninety Six. Ninety Six? There's a town northwest of us with that numerical place name. It's just just east of the town Due West. The town of Six Mile is north of them, as is the tiny village of Eighteen Mile Creek.

Let's take a minute here to talk about the prevalence of mile-marker streams, too. Ten Mile Creek is ten miles west of Columbia, SC and Twelve Mile Creek is . . . you're catching on. There are mile-marker creeks at obvious distances from most larger towns here.Cartography is often a numbers game in the Deep South.
Tags: southern living
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